Possible Exchange in SE Alaska

This is the place to make your desires known if you want to exchange boats with another member to cruise some new waters.

Possible Exchange in SE Alaska

Postby Vita Nova » Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:54 pm

I momentarily forgot about this forum while posting in the other. This is a partial repost of something I put on the West Coast Cruising forum.

I have a 1990 42' Classic (twin 210 Cummins). It's clean, reliable and equipped in a straightforward manner. I live in California but generally keep it in the Northwest. I've cruised the boat up and down the west coast from Vancouver Island to Ensenada twice in the last few years. This winter the boat has been in the San Juan Islands.

This summer I'd like to cruise it up the Inside Passage to about Petersburg, AK. Generally when I move my boat around, I do it in short trips of 3-4 days and then leave the boat somewhere and fly home. However, that doesn't seem to be very workable when you get towards Alaska because the harbors don't seem set up for transients to leave their boats. The other problem for me is that I'm a little short on time this summer for a full trip on the Inside Passage because of other plans.

Since I'm short on time for this cruise, I've thought about cruising the boat one way up the Inside Passage in June to SE Alaska and then handing it over to someone who would enjoy a trip taking it back down to somewhere on Vancouver Island with their own crew. This person would obviously have to have the skill and experience requisite to cruising self-sufficiently, familiarity with Grand Banks, and would have to be demonstrably trustworthy. I'm not proposing charging anything -- but they'd have to pick up their own fuel tab. I am not in the charter business and don't want to jump through the hoops for that. So, this would be use of my boat as friends more than anything else. (I'd also clear it with my insurer.) Ideally, the person would own his or her own Grand Banks or similar, and I might then receive a week or two of using that person's boat in exchange for use of mine (I'd be interested in Southern California, New England or Mid-Atlantic). If you have thoughts on this, I'd really like to hear them. If you have general interest in this, feel free to let me know.
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Vita Nova
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Boat exchange

Postby jrwise » Sun Feb 17, 2008 5:06 pm

I just saw your post from last week. I am definitely interested but have not as yet discussed with wife. I wanted to reply in case there is a lot of interest from the folks in the GBF.

We live on the East Coast , Boston area and have a 1990 GB Classic with twin 3208TA CATS. I note one of you interests is in New England and IMHO we have the best cruising area except for maybe the P NW. I would match the coast of Maine with anywhere.

I know this is very preliminary, but I (maybe we) are interested.
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