Xantrex MS2000

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Xantrex MS2000

Postby laurabender » Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:39 pm

Xantrex lesson learned the HARD way

Three years ago I purchased a new Xantrex MS2000 inverter/charger with a remote control. The total cost was approx. $ 1,600.

Due to other project priorities I did not complete the installation of it for about a year. Therefore, this unit has been in service for two years (which just happens to be the warranty period).

Just two weeks ago the unit displayed a fault which indicated that there was high voltage input to it. I could not clear the fault so I called Xantrex support. Several things were tried including an attempt with updated firmware installed by the local service center.

The conclusion of all this was that the unit is destroyed and due to the high cost of the main circuit board, these units are not repairable and I am just out of luck. Xantrex’s attempt to make this right is to give 30% off the list price of a new unit. This brought the $ 2,210. list price down to $ 1,547. However, I can purchase the same new unit on-line for $ 1,429. Too bad for me!

During this period I learned about the older design Xantrex Freedom series inverter/charger that will do everything my other one will except that it is a ‘modified sine wave’ instead of a ‘pure sine wave’. I purchased this unit on-line for $ 889. and added a remote control panel for $ 90. An additional benefit of this unit is that it is modular and repairable. Also, it carries a 30 month warranty vs. the 24 month for the MS2000.

As you can see, this was a disappointing and expensive experience for me. I only hope someone reading this will profit from it and be able to avoid the same.

Bill Bender
M/V Kindred Spirit III
GB 42 #901
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