Towing the tender

Towing the tender

Postby jmcj » Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:23 pm

After many years enjoying the sweetness and peaceful rowing of our very tender dinghy, I’ve plunged and purchased a 9’6” RIB with a 6 hp motor. Total weight will be about 180lbs. Allowing for the additional weight of a Weaver lever transom motor fitting. My question relates to the towing apparatus. I plan to use floating line throughout and was thinking of poly steel which is very strong, and easy to splice. The idea is to have a 3 line bridle at the the bow using snap hooks. Very approximately because I know there will be fine tuning, what do people thing the length of the rode would be. If you don’t like poly steel what are the preferences?

My main question has to do with the bridle at the towing vessel transom. Many years ago on this forum I remember a member describing an arrangement which made made sense and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with it. One short line from a stern cleat has a large ring at the end. Then the tow line from the tender feeds tender feeds through the ring to the opposite stern cleat. It would allow easy adjustment and shortening of the tow line from the aft deck. Has anyone tried this? Sorry for the length of this!
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