Aluminum windows from 1985 motoryacht

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Aluminum windows from 1985 motoryacht

Postby westiculo » Wed May 02, 2018 10:26 am

Does anybody need the aluminum windows from a 1985 motoryacht? I'm in the process of replacing. These are from hull 928. The aluminum itself is in good condition. The outer snap-on trim piece has some galvanic corrosion from the stainless snaps, especially towards the bottom of the frame. The majority of the paint is or has already flaked off; there is sealant remnant (silicone) on the back side of each of the frames. I'm currently in the process of replacing, so am removing them one by one. They all need tracks. The glass itself is in poor condition, delaminating, etched, and a handful of panes cracked - I'm thinking to throw it away.
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