Wanted, GB 36

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Wanted, GB 36

Postby Hyperion » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:48 pm

Hello. My family and I are looking for a GB 36 to buy and do the Loop slow and low. I am a sailor and have never bought or owned a motoryacht. We have narrowed the class down to the GB 36 and at this point we are just trying to figure out which one to buy. There are about 7 or so in our range for sale that are not on the West Coast. I am looking for what are the main items and hidden pitfalls I should be on the look out for. Thank you for any and all data, or advice.
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Re: Wanted, GB 36

Postby JoMeKe » Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:59 am


Good luck and best wishes for much success on your hunt. Though on the west coast, we are also looking at a Great Loop trip in our 5-7 year plan. Have to get the kids off to college first.

Every GB has it's particular idiosyncrasies, as do all boats. But I would say the 3 biggest common issues on the GBs are fuel tanks, decks and windows. And forgive me if my comments are more elemental than you need, but I don't know your level of familiarity with GBs or these issues in general.

Tanks: They are steel and, as with any steel tank, can develop rust in the bottom from condensation in the fuel. But specific to GBs, they can develop rust on the tops of the tanks. This is usually caused by water percolating/seeping in around the deck fill plate if the caulk joint has been compromised, and running down the fill hose to settle on the top of the tank and rust. Some light rust is common and not to be feared, but if it is heavy flaking rust, be careful. Depending on how far the rust has developed, it can be cleaned and the tank treated and repainted. But pay careful attention. That area is often very hard to see from the engine room. A light and mirror can be helpful.

Decks: Look for missing bungs, gaps in the seams or lifting planks. You don't want water getting down into the substrate, where it can not only cause rot, but run to unexpected places to cause other issues. A good moisture meter can be helpful, but be aware that if the boat has been out in the weather, she will show moisture anyway. just from damp deck planks.

Windows: If the drain holes at the aft of the sills have not been kept clean and open, water can back up and seep into the structure, causing rot and staining. Look for water stains on the interior below and at the aft end of all windows. Also check below the corners of the doors and the corners of the aft companionway (if it is a Classic).

There are certainly other things to keep an eye out for that, as mentioned, will vary with each boat. And I am certain others here will add their thoughts. Critically, get a good thorough survey. Cheap insurance.

Again, good luck and welcome to the family in advance. Let us all know how your Loop planning goes.
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Re: Wanted, GB 36

Postby gt21ca » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:00 pm

Hi Hyperion - I currently own a 1987 GB 36 with twin 135 Lehmans. I have owned her for over eight years and she has been an awesome boat. I just got back from a week look trip down the ICW from her home port in Jekyll Island, GA to New Smyrna Beach, FL and back.

It is the perfect boat for a couple and great for the Loop. It is big enough for comfort, but small enough to singlehand and get through the skinny waters you will find on the loop.

I recently remarried and have five kids now... we had four on the recent trip and let's just say that is alot of people on a GB36! So, we have decided to sell her. :( And we will charter boats for the next few years until we upgrade to a larger boat.

I intend to list with a broker soon and invest some $$ to shorten the boat list and get the brightwork back in shape... before I do this I am offering her for sale privately so someone like you can get a great deal.

I am selling for far below market price ($69k) and would be happy to send you additional details on the boat if you are interested. The image with this post is from our trip last week, so you can get a sense for what she looks like now.

I will be very transparent with potential buyers about what need to be fixed (one a/c unit and refrigerator) so there are no surprises at survey time.

Although there are some things to be fixed, her hull is strong and the propulsion systems are humming and transported safely 320miles on the ICW with some heavy winds and seas at times.

Please feel free to contact me at (706) 819-3772 or gt21ca@yahoo.com.
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Grand Banks 36 Classic for Sale

Postby gt21ca » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:15 pm

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