On the subject of golfers

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On the subject of golfers

Postby nutznbolts » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:32 am

A golfer dies and goes to hell. Hell is very flash these days.
He is greeted by a beautiful receptionist who escorts him to his mansion overlooking the first tee, just a short stroll from the clubhouse (“Of course, you are a member”). Along the way, she gives him the keys to his new Ferrari, a $1m credit card (“Don’t worry, the bill never comes”) and, best of all, a bigger GB.
After showing him through his mansion she tells him “There is a place for you in a foursome, teeing off in an hour and the devil would like to meet you for cocktails in the clubhouse at six” “Oh, just one thing. Alongside the sixth fairway is a large fence, don’t look over the fence!”
So he joins the foursome, they are all good players and brilliant company. He’s having the time of his afterlife, playing well until the sixth hole where his sliced tee shot lands close to the fence. Curiosity gets the better of him and he looks over. It’s appalling! Fire, brimstone, anguish and suffering, he quickly goes back to his game.
At the cocktail party the devil is witty, charming and puts everyone at ease so our golfer decides to ask about the horrors he saw.
“Ah, sorry you saw that” says the devil while rolling his eyes “Catholics! It’s what they want, so we have to give it to them”!
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