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Postby windance » Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:50 am

This thread is posted for imformation about a marine supplier named Boatfix in New Jersey. Their website is I have utilized them very successfully for a variety of products including electronics zincs as well as other outfitting stuff. Quick shipping, good prices and broad selection of prices. So, why am i writing this? Because, if you have a problem with a product you can no longer speak with a person! all problem contacts must be made via email to their "help desk". I have a problem with an electronic product; no fault of theirs or the product, but i placed a simple request to exchange the unopened package for like equipment. This request was placed on 3/6 and was acknowledged via the following email response on the same date

"Thank you for submitting a ticket to support.
Your ticket number is [29E-0F629906-CDE6].
Please keep this ticket number for your records and include it in the subject (including brackets) of all future emails regarding this issue.
Thank You,
Support Staff

To date there has been no response and on my one call, the party to whom I spoke simply reaffirmed their Help desk policy and offered no assistance in expediting their response.
Consequently Boatfix is off my list of suppliers as a result of their poor support policy
Jack Armstrong
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