Nobeltec Admiral/VNS problem with vector charts

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Nobeltec Admiral/VNS problem with vector charts

Postby Tagish » Wed Dec 26, 2007 8:43 pm

I just received a notice from Nobeltec (Jeppesen) today regarding a problem with their rendering of vector chart data. For more information, see their site:

The problem statemen (from their site):

Certain Nobeltec Passport chart features (including but not limited to buoys, markers, contours, underwater obstructions, etc.) may not display correctly, or at all, when used in conjunction with certain Nobeltec navigation software packages and OEM plotter solutions

If you read far enough down, you will notice that they will no longer support the S-57 format charts if you apply this patch. I guess the good news is Jeppesen is proving for free an upgrade to the program and the Passport charts, however I can't believe they will no longer support an open format because,

Jeppesen Marine has chosen to not put the end user in a situation of ingesting chart data information that Jeppesen does not have control over. We are concerned about the safety associated with importing free data charts and in a process that cannot be controlled, monitored and verified to ensure the highest quality charts for our customers

What? Seems to me they have a little problem with their charts in the first place. I would like to know what brought this on, must be some sort of litigation. What does this say about their Quality Assurance department, not to mention software testing?

At any rate, I'm pretty sure Jeppesen/Nobeltec has lost me as a customer over this one, the fact that they will no longer support an open format charting solution makes them pretty a complete proprietary charting solution that is just too expensive to support (it doesn't say anything about raster charts). Jeppesen stuck it to the aviation community years ago, now they are doing it to the maritime community. Couple this with their take it or leave it approach to Vista (please, no PC/Mac platform wars); I would rather throw money at paper charts than reward Jepp for this behavior.
Jon McGlone
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Postby Don Prior » Wed Dec 26, 2007 9:33 pm

I had an equally unsuccessful episode with Nobeltec over my Vista upgrade back in March.

They were rude on the phone and said they would not have a Vista patch and that I would have to buy a new version of their software. At my last check they still did not guarantee their system would work on Vista machines.

They lost me as a customer. I am now happy with Rose Point Coastal Navigator. It does everything that the old Nobeltec did with a more stable platform.

Fair winds.

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