Seaward Industries and the Princess LP Stove/Oven

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Seaward Industries and the Princess LP Stove/Oven

Postby Stretch Head » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:09 am

I have been having problems with my oven for years. It would blow out (the pilot light), over heat, inconsistent heat and major Admiral frustration. I bought a new thermostat and changed it which helped but never fixed the temperature control above 300 degrees. Any setting above that and it would heat to 500 degrees and burn your food.

After contacting Lonnie and Tom at the factory they convinced me to "bring it in" so I removed it from the galley, took it out the center front cabin window, over the rails and into a dock cart I went. After dropping it off at the factory I was told it would take about two days to fix. It was about three hours later when Tom called and said it was the hinge on the oven door that was the problem and I could pick it up Friday. I almost argued with him. It couldn't be, I was thinking.

I am pleased to say, it works perfect and they did a lot of extras that I was never charged for. I am one happy Captain and the Admiral is no longer threatening to toss the stove overboard.

Their customer service is King!
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