Can you test a disconnected transducer?

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Can you test a disconnected transducer?

Postby Willie Earl » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:47 am

I purchased 1972 woodie 42-258 last Summer. It has no electronics but 4 transducers.
I have read that most transducers are made by only a few companies and that they work on just a couple of frequencies. Is it possible to test the transducers to see if they work and if so which brands they would be compatible with? I'm pulling her this Spring for a bottom job. I've read mixed opinions on removal of old transducers vs drill a hole and install a new one. I just hate the idea of 5 transducers down there.
Thoughts folks?
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Willie Earl
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Re: Can you test a disconnected transducer?

Postby AllanKay » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:54 pm

You need an oscillator feeding into an amplifier. Hook up the amp to the wires on the transducer and gradually increase the power output. Use something in the audible range, like 1,800 Hz. Too complex? Just measure the impedance but I don't know what to expect if connections are good. This won't tell you what electronics to buy. There isn't much to go wrong but connections shorted and if the ceramic is cracked. These things are built cheap so it won't be a mass loaded element, just a piezo disk in rubber.. Call EDO Wester in Salt Lake City at (801) 486-7481 and ask for Acoustics Engineering Manager. These guys manufacture piezoelectric transducers of all types and Navy systems. Someone there will probably tell you how to do a simple test.
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