Engine hour meters

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Engine hour meters

Postby bpbyrne » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:25 am

Im fairly certain my enhine hour meters are creeping..adding hours with engines not running. The guages were relocated to ER and modern electronic displays added. From this point on 3500 hours have been added on the guages, and with what I kmow about the boats use over the past 5 years that just isn't possible... 300 is more likely.

So, does anyone know if a reduced voltage of a few volts might cause the guages to creep slowly? There's digital to analog converters down there and I wonder if they are feeding a few volts somehow?

Do these usually need a full 12v to start counting? I dont think key left on is the culprit...one would need to.be quite deaf!

Any ideas?

Elizabeth Bán
1970 GB 42 Classic
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